Experience Vemdalen

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Vemdalen experience turns idea´s to reality

Vemdalen Experience has for many years organized all sorts of events. Whether it is a small group that wants to stay, eat and experience Vemdalen to larger companies that wants better productivity and teamwork.
combine snowmobile safaris with lodging and good food in Vemdalen.

Our goal is that you, as groups and company should always leave Vemdalen with new motivation and insperation.
We place great emphasis on cohesion and build our packages so that you will come closer together and create a better mood at work that leads to increased production results.

We have the resources necessary to take care of you.

Through an extensive network and knowledge, we can meet your needs.

Example activities

  • Snowmobile tours
  • Skiing
  • Food / lodging
  • Event / kick-off / bachelor / Mountain Conference
  • Large and small conference rooms
  • Team building competitions
  • Helicopter rides
  • Wood-fired hot tubs


Looking a little on your website and seeing some pictures from when we were with you, an absolutely wonderful weekend and really good service.

Everyone thinks it's the best trip we ever made!

VD, Reine Höglund
Totalprojekt i Vemdalen


We have used Vemdalen Experience several times. It has included preparations, transportation and guidance. Everything has worked perfectly and we strongly recommend them.

- Bengt-Eric Lundborg

Peter B

Great guides with total control, so much fun!


Very good and personal service, Thank you vemdalen Experience