Go-kart on Ice

Try a new and exciting experience!

Go-kart on ice is the prefect way to challenge your winter driving technique skills.
Maybe you want to show your friend who is driving the best or only have childish fun? Then this is the thing for you!

Recommended age:

From 10 years, (younger person who want to try? Let us know and we will solve it).


Vemdalen experience Ice track is located next to Vemdalen camping.
Click here to find us

Season start :

We open December 19
Every day. Pre applies! ( minimum 10 people)
Drop-in times:
Thurs - Fri - Sat at. 12.00 - 17.00


The temperature is very important for the course and the go-kart to work properly.
We do have to close the track if the temperature reaches below -10 degrees or +4 degrees. 
Please check this before you head down to the track.

What to bring?

Clothes after weather. Ski helmet and goggles.
Helmets are available.


  • 150 SEK / 7 min.
  • 250 SEK for 2 x 7 min.


This is how it works:

  • Brief review of karting and regulations.
  • Testing of helmets.
  • All drivers run qualifying heats where the points available at each race. The start positions and the cars varied in each heat.
  • Total score affects the output of the running finals.
  • The competition ends with the awards ceremony.


  • 7 minutes. Qualification Heat 1
  • 7 minutes. Qualification Heat 2
  • The final of the four fastest


Verkstaden är öppen måndag till fredag 08.00 - 16,30 passa på att serva skotern innan säsongen börjar eller gör en vinterförvaring/ service på trädgårdsmaskinerna
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